Network Rail Apprentice – ILM Level 3 at Gilwell Park


I am pleased to confirm details of your team leading development programme which is due to take place in Spring 2020.  Please ensure you read and follow the instructions below – there are deadlines.


The five-day programme has been designed to enable you to complete your ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management qualification and attend the Railway Technician Mapping brief from the Institution of Engineering & Technology.  Some evening work will be required to enable you to complete your qualification.  Programmed activities will take place using both indoor and outdoor space at the venue.  These activities draw on the skills you have developed during your Advanced Apprenticeship programme and include:

  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Planning & Organising
  • Leadership & Management


Your programme also enables you to incorporate Network Rail Behaviours into your activities.


Your accommodation has been booked for you.  You will be allocated an individual or twin room.  Most, but not all have en-suite bathrooms.  You are not permitted to leave the venue without prior written permission from Network Rail. If anyone leaves the site without permission they will be removed from the programme.

There is an on-site cafeteria that sells soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks only.  There is no access to local shops.  You are advised to bring an adequate supply of personal consumables such as toiletries, snacks, vapes and cigarettes to last the week.  There is WiFi access in all the buildings using the ‘TSA Public’ logon.  Mobile phone network coverage is also accessible across the site.

There is a strict no alcohol rule in force and anyone found to breach this rule will face disciplinary action from Network Rail.  If there is reasonable cause to suspect that someone is under the influence, a D&A Test will be arranged.


All meals are provided from lunch on the day of arrival, up to and including lunch on the day of departure (Friday).  Meals will include packed lunches to maximise learning development time.  Any special dietary requirements are to be highlighted on the attached form which is to be returned to:


Please ensure you read the attached Kit List carefully.  You will require to bring a laptop or tablet to research and write your ILM L3 final assignment (using MS Word or equivalent).  You are responsible for ensuring you bring all the kit on the list.


In case of emergency contact details are:

  • Network Rail Apprentice Duty Manager – Westwood: 07860 500814
  • Gilwell Park Reception: 020 84985300


You are expected to travel by public transport; you are not permitted to bring your car without express permission from Network Rail.  If permission is given, you are not permitted to use your car during the programme.  You can use the non-secure carpark at the venue at your own risk.  Please contact Samantha Jackson ( to request permission. If permission is given, you are not permitted to use your car from when you arrive until the day of departure.  You are required to book your train ticket/plane ticket and rail transfers through your Depot.

If travelling by train, please ensure that you arrive at Chingford Railway Station between 1130-1230.  A mini-bus transfer from the station to the venue will be provided.  Confirm your estimated arrival time by e-mail to On arrival at the station, you will be met by a representative from the ILM team who will direct you towards the mini-bus.  If you are likely to be delayed, inform the ILM Team by calling 01386 854387.

Rail Travel:  The nearest station is Chingford which is just 25 minutes from Liverpool Street Station.  Chingford can also be accessed via the London Underground Victoria Line changing onto the London Overground at Walthamstowe Central for the final three stops.  Gilwell Park is 1.5 miles from Chingford Station. Taxis are also available from outside of the station.

Departure:  You will depart by mini-bus at approximately 1300 hrs on the final day of the programme for Chingford Railway Station for your onward journey home.  For those who are flying, you are to make your own transport arrangements, through your Depot, for flights and rail transfers (including bus connections) to the Airport.  No-one is permitted to depart earlier than scheduled without the express permission of Network Rail.



If an Apprentice is responsible for unacceptable behaviour and found guilty of misconduct or in some cases gross misconduct, they will be dealt with under the Network Rail Disciplinary System which is laid down in the Network Rail Discipline Policy document.

If an Apprentice is guilty of a minor breach in discipline; it will be dealt with by the Network Rail Year 2&3 Apprentice Programme Manager.  This may result in a failure to complete the Apprenticeship programme by not achieving the ILM L3 Certificate.

Kind Regards

The ILM Team


Dietary Needs Forms

Kit List