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Network Rail – High Output: Safety Critical Communications Training & Coaching Programme

Benchmark Training Ltd has been selected by Network Rail, through a competitive tender process, to deliver a national programme of SCC training and coaching to front-line supervisors employed across all operational roles within Network Rail’s High Output capability. The programme commences on 10 October 2016 and will take several months to complete. It will result in 270 x supervisors attending a comprehensive programme of skills training and on-site 1:1 coaching to further develop their on-track safety critical communications skills. The programme includes modules that will enable High Output to self-sustain and continually improve its SCC capability once the initial programme has been completed and the programme also includes the provision of comprehensive SCC briefings to all railway group staff who support High Output operations.

The High Output capability includes two track re-laying machines, TRS2 and TRS4 plus three sophisticated ballast cleaning systems (BCS) which get an amazing amount of work done in relatively little time. With a midweek delivery record of 864 metres (four rail lengths) in seven hours, it is not just high output but its fast output, automating and mechanising processes that would take teams of men far longer.

Benchmark has an excellent track record in the provision of high impact, practically-focused SCC programmes across the rail industry and is delighted to have been selected for this prestigious programme of work for Network Rail.