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Siemens Powerlines Limited – Safety Critical Communications (SCC) Training

The demand for high quality, practical and contextualised Safety Critical Communications (SCC) training across the rail industry has rarely been higher. Benchmark is currently delivering a four-month programme of SCC training to 150 x staff across Siemens Powerlines Limited. The courses are being delivered at SPL’s premises in Wellingborough and incorporate both day and night courses to match the delegatres shift patterns.
The training focuses upon both the generic requirement to communicate effectively and also upon the specific circumstances and environment within which SPL’s critical communicators are required to operate. Each training course is highly interactive with delegates continually practising and demonstrating their skills and assessing their performance against the competency standard adopted across the rail industry. Delegate feedback is exceptional with many reporting a significant sense of achievement when their communications are judged to sit at the very highest end of the SCC grading spectrum. As ever, our trainers use a coach approach throughout each course which is, we believe, a major factor underpinning the success of the training.