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Royal Air Force Charitable Trust Enterprise (RAF CTE) Capability Transformation Programme

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Since January 2019 Benchmark has been engaged in a systemic review and transformation programme with the senior leadership team of the charitable organisation that delivers the world class ‘Royal International Air Tattoo’ at Fairford. The aim of the programme is to further develop collective leadership and team capability across all the functional areas within the organisation; further improve collaborative working with stakeholders; and continue to deliver an event that exceeds all others.

The transformation programme is dynamic, fluid and output driven. It combines consultancy, team coaching, 1:1 coaching, group facilitation and L&D interventions. All are designed to create maximum inclusivity and engagement and deliver the wide spectrum impact that the RAF CTE senior leadership team is working towards. The programme is being conducted in phases: early engagement and inquiry; co-design of the agenda with short-medium term priorities; implementation across all levels of the business; resilience building with targeted action plans; and review of outputs against business objectives.

Benchmark is enjoying this highly dynamic and output focussed programme where the centre of interest is placed firmly upon collective engagement, development and improvement across all business functions.