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Network Rail – South East Route – Behavioural Safety (BeST) Programme

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Following the successful design, development and piloting of a series of behavioural safety (BeST) courses for front-line maintenance teams in Network Rail South East Route, Benchmark has now been awarded a contract to deliver circa 200 x two-day courses over, initially, a two-year period. The two-day courses are complimented by a series of one-day workshops for line managers and post-training impact sessions to ensure the learning is fully embedded and sustained on the delegate’s return to the workplace
Each two-day BeST course is attended by a formed maintenance team, sometimes with the addition of a local Operations & Customer Service colleague. The training is conducted in the workplace and is highly interactive and very practical in nature. To maximise engagement, all the learning is contextualised to the workplace with the final practical activity conducted on the infrastructure and led by the delegates. BeST courses are run both day and night to fit the roster pattern of the team attending. On completing the training, each team produces a team action plan to ensure the learning is carried forward into the workplace. The training objectives enable delegates to:
• Look at how short-term memory works & how it shapes behaviour & decision-making.

• Identify & practise techniques to improve awareness & reaction to hazards & risks to help keep everyone safe by reducing accidents, incidents & near-misses attributed to lapses in concentration.

• Understand & practise Risk-Based Commentary to heighten everyone’s State of Preparedness and ensure everyone remains Situationally Aware at all times.

• Understand and practice Safety Conversations and how to challenge unsafe behaviour effectively.