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Section Capability Improvement Programme for Infrastructure Maintenance

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Network Rail – Wessex Route
We are now in month two of a four month programme to deliver a safety and performance improvement programme to a track section in Wessex Route. Working in close collaboration with the Section Manager, we have co-created a dynamic, practical, work-based programme of learning support interventions that individually and collectively enable the Section Manager to deliver a more effective service to the Section’s customers. The programme is bespoke to the Section and incorporates outcome-focussed coaching, discussions, workshops and training events for each defined area of capability within the organisation.
The programme’s extended period is enabling team members to develop a greater awareness of, and confidence in, each others inputs, outputs and challenges and provides the time and space to enable new ways of working to be identified, explored, tried and adjusted. Facilitated Action Learning Sets are being used to provide every participant with the opportunity to identify, raise and share improvement ideas in a safe and supportive environment with agreed ideas being incorporated into the Section’s highly visible continual improvement plan. The programme is being dynamically defined, created and led by the Section Manager with very close support from the Benchmark facilitator.