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Behavioural Safety Training – Situation Awareness Courses

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Network Rail – South East Route

We are delighted to have been selected to research, design and deliver a pilot training programme for infrastructure maintenance staff working in Network Rail’s South East Route. The programme is focused on front-line track maintenance teams and its aim is to introduce practical interventions that will reduce the likelihood of injuries and near-misses occurring to individuals working within these teams. The programmed is designed to improve each person’s Working Memory Capacity (WMC) and their subsequent behaviour. It will introduce track workers to a range of practical interventions and techniques that, both individually and collectively, will improve WMC and each workers awareness of their immediate and local environment, the risks and safety issues associated with that environment and how to manage them effectively. The programme will be very experiential with delegates spending the majority of their time practising the use of the new techniques being introduced to them. This approach is designed to give each delegate both the skills and confidence to employ the learning quickly and successfully within their workplace in order to further improve safety across this important area of capability.