Benchmark Training Ltd has been selected by Works Delivery Scotland (WDS) to deliver a regional programme of leadership and behavioural safety coaching to each of its thirteen teams. The initiative builds upon the success of the leadership development programme that Benchmark delivered to the WDS front line leaders in 2018.  The new  programme will comprehensively embed the behavioural safety knowledge and skills required by every front-line leader and their team in order to deliver safe performance.  Benchmark will be utilising its expansive team of PTS-trained professional coaches to deliver the one-year programme, most of which will occur during normal shifts, on or close to the line. The programme is bespoke to each team and includes development modules dealing with leadership, behavioural safety, effective communications, personal resilience and using a coach approach effectively.

Programme Summary:   Each WDS team receives eleven days of coaching and support over, typically, a three-month period. The programme is split into three parts:

Part 1 enables the Benchmark coach to observe each team delivering work during standard shifts.  The coach prepares a report against the pre-set criteria that describes the coach’s observations.  These observations are shared with the relevant team and line management and action-planning commences.

Part 2 of the programme provides each team with underpinning knowledge about the concept and benefits of a across a range of capabilities including leadership, behavioural safety, effective communications, personal resilience (health and wellbeing) and how to be an effective coach.

Part 3 of the programme enables the Benchmark coach to support the team whilst they are undertaking work either in the depot or work site or both.  The coach and the team draw upon the underpinning knowledge covered in Part 2 of the programme.  Each team progressively incorporates into their work the range of leadership and behavioural safety tools and techniques taught in Part 2.  The coach conducts 1:1, small group and large group coaching sessions to help both individuals and the team further understand and experience the benefits of safe working practices and how they shape and improve individual and team performance. The work site coaching is undertaken during four shifts with each team and is designed to:

    • Progressively embed recent learning and knowledge;
    • Energise each team’s unique safety pledge between team members;
    • Coach individuals to communicate more effectively;
    • Individually coach behavioural safety;
    • Coach best practice to ensure compliance with standards and rules;
    • Encourage and further improve leadership skills.

For more information on Benchmark’s behavioural safety training for front line leaders and teams please contact us on 01747 821382.