Leadership & Management Training

We provide bespoke, practical and interactive leadership and management development courses for managers, front-line leaders, graduates and apprentices. Our training equips learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead successfully, using effective and positive skill sets and behaviours. At every level it provides learners with the essential skills that enable them to identify and solve problems, make good and timely decisions and communicate those decisions effectively. It delivers demonstrable and significant workplace benefits and return on investment (ROI) within weeks of completion.

We provide a wide range of courses applicable to current and future leaders, at all levels, with the content tuned to meet individual customer requirements:

Course Programme Leadership and Management Development
Course Titles Front-Line Leaders Programme
Middle Management Programme
Graduate Leadership and Management Programme
Leadership Essentials for Rail Team Leaders & Supervisors
Course Type Residential or at Client Sites and always bespoke to Client Needs
Who Should Attend? Managers at all levels, Supervisors, Graduate Entrants, Front Line Leaders and Apprentices
Course Locations? Benchmark Training Facilities in the Cotswolds or at Client Sites
Course Duration Between two and five days to meet customer requirements
Course Cost From £250 plus VAT per learner per day (residential, fully inclusive)

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Strong leadership across all levels ensures a business is safer and more productive. It is as important to have competent front-line leaders as it is to have competent supporting managers. Staff will no longer need to be told ‘how’ to do their job – they will just need to know ‘what’ the goals are, and our training will do the rest. Individuals and teams will be able to do ‘more with less’ and reduce any over-reliance on senior managers.

Developing Inner Qualities

Our proven and innovative learning encourages delegates to instinctively recognise good leadership and set their own high standards through continuous improvement. It allows delegates to examine how their behaviour influences others and how small changes can have a substantial impact on a team. We utilise facilitated learning to maximise learner participation and we role model the behaviours that our clients want to promote.

Active and Immediate Results

Our extensive experience of successfully delivering leadership development has demonstrated that delegates take active and immediate responsibility for their team’s actions. They show pride in making things happen, doing things better and actively seeking new challenges.

Course Content

Delegates discover how others see them and learn how to develop their own style of leadership to make a stronger and more positive impact in the workplace. Modules covered include:

  • Importance of strong leaders
  • What makes leaders different?
  • Assessing situations
  • Creative problem solving
  • Timely decision-making
  • Communicating effectively

Delivering Real Results

At Benchmark we know what good leadership looks like and we know that good leaders will be trusted and followed. Evidence to measure the success of the learning, during audits of Network Rail managers and supervisors, delivered a return on investment of 7:1 within 6 months.