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Behavioural Safety Training – Situation Awareness Courses

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Network Rail – South East Route

We are delighted to have been selected to research, design and deliver a pilot training programme for infrastructure maintenance staff working in Network Rail’s South East Route. The programme is focused on front-line track maintenance teams and its aim is to introduce practical interventions that will reduce the likelihood of injuries and near-misses occurring to individuals working within these teams. The programmed is designed to improve each person’s Working Memory Capacity (WMC) and their subsequent behaviour. It will introduce track workers to a range of practical interventions and techniques that, both individually and collectively, will improve WMC and each workers awareness of their immediate and local environment, the risks and safety issues associated with that environment and how to manage them effectively. The programme will be very experiential with delegates spending the majority of their time practising the use of the new techniques being introduced to them. This approach is designed to give each delegate both the skills and confidence to employ the learning quickly and successfully within their workplace in order to further improve safety across this important area of capability.

Collective Training for Front-Line Teams – Section Capability Development

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Network Rail – Anglia Route

Benchmark has successfully created and facilitated a three-day collective learning event for a Network Rail front-line team in Anglia Route. The event focused upon developing the collective understanding, knowledge, skills and performance of key Infrastructure Maintenance staff working within a specific Engineer’s area of responsibility. Staff attending the event included the Engineer, Section Managers, Supervisors, Planners and Administrators.
Working in partnership with Anglia Route operational management and L&D staff, we created a highly experiential, fully contextualised learning event that enabled each of the participants to understand fully the tasks, challenges, interfaces and opportunities that characterised each of their roles and how the work of others impacted either directly or indirectly upon them. Through considered facilitation, the team were able to identify a wide range of practices and procedures that they can introduce in a measured way that will further improve integrated working and both individual and collective performance. The event also enabled the participants to plan, record and measure collective improvement as an integral part of the team’s continuous improvement programme.
The framework for this type of event is entirely scaleable to every business unit within Network Rail.

MV Kelly Ltd – Front-Line Leader Development Programme

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Benchmark has been selected to design and deliver a national leadership development programme for 180 x front-line supervisors working for MV Kelly Ltd. This long-established, family-owned company is respected across the construction industry for its forward-thinking approach to the provision of high quality services. This programme will provide the Company’s supervisor community with a range of ground-breaking leadership skills, tools and knowledge to enable them to further improve work-site effectiveness and quality and deliver an exceptional capability to their customers. The training will be highly practical and will engage the learners using a suite of experiential and contextualised scenarios that reflects the ‘hands-on’ approach of this learner group.

South East Route, “Trusted to Lead” Programme

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

January saw the start of Network Rail’s South East Route “Trusted to Lead” development programme for the Route’s front-line leader community. Benchmark has been selected to deliver the Applied Leadership module and also the Safe Performance Leader module following the outstanding feedback received from our existing Leadership Essentials and Safe Performance Leader programmes. Both modules are bespoke and were designed by us. Each utilises a dynamic, experiential approach throughout to ensure the learners remain fully engaged. The module’s develop critical safety leadership skills and behaviours and include key sessions on leadership behaviours, leadership styles, effective decision making, safety culture and role-modelling. A coach-approach is adopted throughout.

Network Rail – Leadership Essentials (LE) Programme

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close we are delighted to report excellent progress delivering Network Rail’s national Leadership Essentials (LE) programme to its operational front-line leader community. In the past 14 months, we have delivered fifty-nine courses with delegates (typically Team Leaders and Supervisors) attending these one-week courses across a wide range of Network Rail locations and with delegates coming from Southampton to Stirling. As ever, the courses are very experiential and they remain fun, enjoyable and memorable. The exceptional feedback from the delegates and their line managers alike continues and we are delighted with the full order book for 2018. Thank you to everyone who has supported this exceptional training and a huge ‘well done’ to the many learners who have made such a huge and positive impact back in the workplace.

Network Rail – High Output Works Manager Professional Development Programme

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Benchmark has been selected to design and deliver a comprehensive and integrated programme of professional development for 80 x Works Managers responsible for leading front-line teams across the national High Output capability. The training will be delivered at Network Rail’s Workforce Development Centres and will provide the Works Managers with a wide range of skill. Knowledge and tools to further improve safety and performance across this critical capability area. The learning programme focuses on several key areas including decision-making and impact, the management of interfaces and information, site access and welfare, health and hazards, managing plant and tools and preventing and investigating accidents and incidents.

Network Rail – Safe Performance Leader (SPL) Training

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Since design of our 1st safety based behaviour programme, 4 years ago, we are pleased to announce our latest development in the evolution of this cutting edge training – the Safe Performance Leader (SPL) course. This course has been co-designed with Network Rail’s Safety Culture Change Lead; and reflects the latest thinking and best practice required for appropriate behaviour within a safety critical working environment. Benchmark deliver two versions of the SPL: Front-line leader 1-Day course; and the Managers 2-Day course. Each course is highly interactive, challenging and contextualised to the individual and their workplace to ensure immediate impact following completion of the course. The SDPL can either be delivered as a stand-alone course; or as an additional module attached to one of our leadership development courses and programmes.

Safety Critical Communications (SCC) Training

Monday, March 6th, 2017

6 March 2017
The demand for high quality, practical and contextualised Safety Critical Communications (SCC) training across the rail industry has rarely been higher. Benchmark is being asked to provide SCC training on a continual basis and has recently delivered programmes for staff in Carillion Rail, Siemens Rail, Network Rail and South West Trains.
The one-day training course is conducted at the point of need at client worksites and in operational environments and focuses upon both the generic requirement to communicate effectively and the specific circumstances relating to the client’s operational procedures. Each training course is highly interactive with delegates continually practising and demonstrating their skills and assessing their performance against the competency standard adopted across the Rail Industry. Delegate feedback is exceptional with many reporting a significant sense of achievement when their communications are judged to sit at the very highest end of the SCC grading spectrum. As ever, our Trainers use a coach approach which is, we believe, a major factor underpinning the success of the training.

Babcock Skills and Learning – Delivery of the ILM Level 2 Programme to Network Rail Apprentices

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Benchmark has been awarded a contract by Babcock Skills and Learning to deliver the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading to up to 300 Network Rail apprentices annually. Benchmark commenced delivery of the programme in October at Network Rail’s training centre at Westwood near Warwick where the apprentices now spend the first year of their three-year programme.
The Network Rail Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme is a key cornerstone of the future development of Network Rail. The Apprentices who join the business benefit from a development programme which will equip them to become the technicians, team leaders, supervisors, managers and engineers of the future.

Babcock Skills and Learning run Network Rail’s Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme (AAS) for all Network Rail apprentices specialising in areas including track, signalling and telecommunications, overhead line, and electrification and plant.
As well as technical training, the NR AAS programme instils Network Rail’s Lifesaving Rules and behaviours and also enables the apprentices to qualify for:
• BTEC National Award in Engineering
• NVQ3 in Railway Engineering
• ILM L3 Award

Network Rail – High Output: Safety Critical Communications Training & Coaching Programme

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Benchmark Training Ltd has been selected by Network Rail, through a competitive tender process, to deliver a national programme of SCC training and coaching to front-line supervisors employed across all operational roles within Network Rail’s High Output capability. The programme commences on 10 October 2016 and will take several months to complete. It will result in 270 x supervisors attending a comprehensive programme of skills training and on-site 1:1 coaching to further develop their on-track safety critical communications skills. The programme includes modules that will enable High Output to self-sustain and continually improve its SCC capability once the initial programme has been completed and the programme also includes the provision of comprehensive SCC briefings to all railway group staff who support High Output operations.

The High Output capability includes two track re-laying machines, TRS2 and TRS4 plus three sophisticated ballast cleaning systems (BCS) which get an amazing amount of work done in relatively little time. With a midweek delivery record of 864 metres (four rail lengths) in seven hours, it is not just high output but its fast output, automating and mechanising processes that would take teams of men far longer.

Benchmark has an excellent track record in the provision of high impact, practically-focused SCC programmes across the rail industry and is delighted to have been selected for this prestigious programme of work for Network Rail.