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Network Rail – Southern Region

Behaviour Safety Training (BeST) – Update

Our programme of practical training and support to deliver Network Rail Southern Region’s BeST training programme continues at pace.  A succession of continual improvements has seen revisions to the structure of the programme.  BeST now includes additional workplace coaching and support sessions with our coaches and the training-room based element is completed now in just one day.  A total of 550 delegates have attended 70 courses with a further 200 delegates attending courses by 31st March 2020.  The feedback continues to be excellent and the on-track safe behaviour of the teams continues to improve significantly.


The BeST programme has also now been expanded to include:


  • The High Speed One station staff from St Pancras, Stratford International and Ebbsfleet International stations respectively.
  • The SE Route Possession Support staff including supply chain staff.