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Tactical Incident Leader (TIL) Training

We are delighted to report excellent progress with our contract with Network Rail to deliver tactical-level incident management and leadership training to relevant operations staff in Network Rail.  The Tactical Incident Leader (TIL) training programme is designed to better enable key Operations staff to lead incidents professionally, safely and effectively and return the railway to full operational status as soon as it is practical and safe to do so after an incident.


Each TIL training course is three days long and is delivered collaboratively by Benchmark and Network Rail trainers at sites across the UK including Wattisham, Tunbridge Wells, Wakefield and Preston.  A total of fifteen (15) TIL courses will be delivered in 2019 with further courses being booked already into 2020.  The TIL training is designed to enable rail incident response staff to:


  • Improve their incident management knowledge.
  • Enable them to practice and improve their incident management planning and implementation skills in a safe and supported learning environment.
  • Provide an opportunity for their knowledge and skills to be assessed in order to identify their further development needs to be addressed in the workplace.
  • Develop their leadership skills and give them increased confidence to manage incidents successfully.