Consultancy Support


We are able to provide you with a wide range of authoritative consultancy support capabilities to help you achieve your learning and development outcomes. Our consultants have excellent track records across every aspect of personal and organisational development. Their exceptional communication skills and ability to work with you collaboratively will ensure that your project or programme gets off to the very best possible start.

Consultancy Capabilities and Approach

Our Consultancy Team is experienced and adept at delivering critical support to its customers either through partnering or sub-contracting arrangements. The quality of their on-going work with multi-national, national and SMEs, where strict safety compliance and regulatory frameworks apply, has quickly established them as one of the most trusted and pre-eminent leadership, safety leadership and management development consultancies in the country.

Their brief is simple: to comprehensively and sensitively understand their customer’s business, challenges and drivers, and to then recommend effective development solutions that deliver the enhanced business results that the customer requires.

We think that you will be amazed too at the value for money that the team offers when you consider the energy, drive, knowledge, skills and experience that each and every member brings to each project.

How We Can Help You With Individual & Organisational Leadership Development?

We can help you:

  • Develop or refine your organisation’s leadership culture, capability and impact.
  • Provide leadership and management, behaviour-based safety and performance improvement courses that align learning to current business needs.
  • Assess leadership development needs, measure progress, value and return on investment and evaluate outcomes using a suite of robust and proven tools.

Deliver sustainable value back to your organisation through leadership development action learning projects, which focus your leaders at every level on key business challenges.