Courses & Coaching

Benchmark Training will provide you with relevant, bespoke courses and coaching packages and programmes for a wide range of courses in the following capability groups:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Safe Behaviour Development
  • Personal and Business Improvement Training

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Our Front-Line Leader Foundation Programme

A specific feature of our L&D capability is a package of courses that, collectively, provide a powerful foundation programme for front-line leader communities. This programme will be of significant interest to companies and organisations who rely on this community to deliver the required levels of safety and performance on a day to day basis, in order to deliver the organisation’s wider remit. The primary components of our Front-Line Leader Foundation Programme are set out below:

Better Every Day



We have an excellent track record in the successful provision of high quality coaching programmes particularly for mid-level managers, junior managers, supervisors and front-line team leaders. Our coaching work ranges from individual participants through to large programmes involving up to 24 individual participants. Our coaches have the skills, qualifications and experience pertinent to this important development activity, and they will work with you to create a flexible programme bespoke to your needs and circumstances.

What to Expect from your Benchmark Coach

Coaching is a powerful process in helping you develop. The support and engagement that you can expect from your Benchmark Coach are as follows:

  • Help with goal setting. It is important that we identify goals that you want to achieve. Your coach will help you identify your goals, using a process called ‘GROW’:
    • Goal. What you want to achieve, the end-point of the coaching/development
    • Reality. Where you are now, this allows you to understand your start point on the journey towards your goals
    • Opportunity. Ideas on how you can achieve your goal; opportunities to exploit and aid your development
    • Way Forward. The plan for how you are going to achieve your goal
  • One to one guidance and support. An important part of development is having somebody to discuss progress, experiences and challenges with. Your coach will have regular contact with you and be available to talk through any issues; offering guidance and advice where relevant.
  • Feedback. As well as being available for advice and guidance your coach can observe your performance in the workplace during the coaching and give you objective feedback. It is important to remember that we cannot look at ourselves from the outside; so getting someone else to tell us what they observe will generate greater self-awareness. Constructive feedback will focus on real experiences and will be two-way, including the coach’s observations and your own reflections.
  • Learning from mistakes. We all make mistakes and we shouldn’t try to brush them under the carpet. A mistake can be a great opportunity to reflect and ask ‘why did that go wrong?’ So long as we learn from our mistakes and do it differently next time we should treat them as positive experiences.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our coaching capability.